Michael Schumacher out of coma, but doctors not too hopeful.

Michael Schumacher fans rejoiced over the fact that the German racer has come out of his coma on June 16, 2014. However, Dr. Gary Hartstein, who has closely worked with Schumacher during his time as a rescue co-ordinator at the championship, said that Schumacher might be in a minimally conscious state.


Sabine Kehm, Michael’s manager said that the 45-year old racer will continue with his long phase of rehabilitation, but did not offer any more details on his health.

In April, there were announcements about Schumacher slipping in and out of consciousness, but there wasn’t any solid news of his health improving.

Schumacher injured himself in a skiing accident on December 29, 2014, due to which he suffered severe head injuries. 

Schumacher was earlier admitted to a hospital in Grenoble in the French Alps, he has now been shifted to the Vaud University Hospital at Lausanne in Switzerland where he can be closer to his family and home.

However, French medical experts are not too optimistic about the racer’s complete recovery. They have warned that only one out of ten people who have been in a coma as long as Schumacher recover most of their mental and physical capabilities.

The family of the racer released a statement on June 17, 2014 thanking his fans for their support.

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