K-Pop stars embarrassed by extravagant gifts from fans.

The gift giving culture among South Korean K-Pop fans is now slowly developing into a semi helping-society initiative. Earlier, the fans of K-Pop – abbreviation for Korean Pop – had a tradition of gifting their favorite stars with expensive gifts. Fans are known to compete with each other to impress their favorite stars.

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However, in the recent past, this trend had started to become embarrassing for the stars as they received too many expensive gifts. Some hardcore fans were not afraid to spend an obscene amount of $100,000 to help popular boy-band Super Junior’s album win the top prize at the Golden Disk Awards in 2011.

The culture of gifting pop stars had started off with fans giving simple gifts to their favorite idols, but now, the spending on such a culture has reached dizzying heights, making it embarrassing for the stars.

Thus, there is a shift in trend as fans have now started collecting money to donate in the name of their favorite stars. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on birthday gifts for stars, fans have now begun donating to charities.

Photo Credits: Seoulbeats


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