Chinese workers in Iraq evacuated from unsafe territories to capital city of Baghdad.

The Chinese Embassy in Baghdad announced that more than 1,200 Chinese workers who were trapped in the northern Iraqi city of Samarra have been safely evacuated to the capital city of Baghdad. The situation in Iraq has worsened in the past month as members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant – an Al Qaeda offshoot group – began their offensive two weeks ago. 


The Chinese employees who were evacuated were workers of the China Machinery Engineering Corporation and were working at a construction site of a local power plant in Samarra – which is the capital of Salahudin province – close to the on-going clashes between the Sunni militants and the government security forces.

The Chinese authorities were in close contact with the Iraqi government and the military agencies as they ensured a secure, swift and orderly evacuation of the Chinese workers.

The Chinese embassy in Baghdad said that the first group of 45 Chinese workers transported to the capital city by a helicopter on June 25, 2014. Throughout the entire evacuation process the Iraqi military provided for extensive protection.

At present, the Chinese employees are staying at a hotel in central Baghdad and are said to be in a safe condition.

Photo Credits: SCMP


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