Automobile manufacturer Subaru recalls 660,000 vehicles citing defect in brakes.

Japan based automobile manufacturing division of Fuji Heavy Industries – Subaru – has recalled more than 660,000 cars and SUVs citing issues in its vehicle’s brakes. Reports say that the vehicles have been recalled for rust in the brake unit; such a fault may cause a vehicle not to stop at a given point of time.


For most of Subaru’s vehicles, this is the second time that they have been recalled for the same defect. The vehicles which are affected include the 2005 and 2009 Legacy and Outback models. Even the 2008 – 2014 Impreza and 2009 – 2013 Forester come under the purview of the defect and have thus qualified for recall.

The recall covers vehicles which have been sold or registered in Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Delaware, Iowa, New York, Ohio, New Jersey and Vermont.

The company said that the documents posted by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration state that salty water can splash in to the brake lines through the gap in the fuel tank protector causing it to rust. If the liquid is leaked, then the vehicle will take longer to stop and thus increasing the risk of a crash.

The lines will be inspected by the dealers and will be replaced if any leaks are found. The dealers will also apply anti corrosion wax to avoid the formation of rust in the future.

The spokesperson from the company said that so far no reports of accidents have been reported due to the problem.

Photo Credits: Local TV KSTU