UK aims to be new Indian government’s top partner.

British conservative party politician, George Osborne has hinted that Britain will help India in the development of the Bangalore-Mumbai Economic Corridor. Moreover, a rupee-denominated export finance deal is also on the cards.


Two of the top ministers, the Chancellor of Exchequer George Osborne and Foreign Secretary William Hague on July 7, 2014 kicked off their two day visit to India to strengthen the further diplomatic ties and development of partnership on economic reforms . Focus will be on the infrastructure investment and financial services.

While announcing the investment plans Osborne has hinted that the UK is all set to help in India in the development of the Bangalore-Mumbai Economic Corridor.

Osborne in a meeting with the business leaders in Mumbai said, “I know Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi is determined to repeat the success he has had in financing new infrastructure in Gujarat across the whole of India.” The British politician added that Britain stands to help him as they are at the centre of global finance and the home of financial expertise.

Meanwhile, the UK Foreign Secretary Hague said that they want to be the leading partner as Prime Minister Modi is looking to further strengthen his plans of development and growth benefitting all Indians.

Photo Credits: Guardian