Smart technology KizOn will now help parents to keep a tab on kids.

South Korean giant Samsung has announced the launch of wristbands for children. The latest announcement has marked LG’s interest in the potential wearable market segment. The device is named LG KizOn and is enabled to provide real time location information. The device can be said to be a virtual replacement of a child safety tether.


The new wristband has been designed for pre-school and primary school children and will offer parents a convenient way to keep a track of their young child’s whereabouts. The device makes use of GPS and Wi Fi with real time location information and thus, parents can monitor their child’s location via smartphones or tablets.

The new KizOn has the One Step Direct Call technology through which parents can easily communicate with their children. The One Step Press Button is also designed to allow children to dial a pre-configured phone number which can be changed anytime.

The number can be changed though a smartphone or tablet which runs on Android 4.1 or higher. The KizOn also has a location reminder function which provides adults with the ability to pre-set the device to give location alerts at specific times throughout the day. The battery life of the device is said to be 36 hours, the device is also designed to send out an alert when the battery falls below 25 percent.

Photo Credits: Ubergizmo


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