Bid farewell to the outdated two dimensional computer mouse.

Researchers in the US have developed a new 3DTouch, thimble-like device which fits onto the tip of the finger and is a replacement for the conventional 2D mouse. When a regular computer mouse is used, the user gets a limited two dimensional movement, but the new device enables three dimensional movements. Anh Nguyen and Amy Banic from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Wyoming in the US have come up with this ingenious technology.


The device fits on the tip of the finger and allows a user to work on the computer as it senses the position accurately in three dimensions. This is done with the use of three types of sensors which includes a 3D magnetometer, 3D accelerometer and a 3D gyroscope. The MIT Technology review says that the combination of these sensors allows the data from each sensor to be compared and combined to produce a more precise estimate of the orientation, in comparison to a single measurement alone.

The device also responds to  a set of pre-programmed mouse-like gestures which allows the users to interact with objects in three dimensions within the interface of the computer. The gestures are; selecting, finger tap, dragging and click.

Photo Credits: The week


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