Robots to replace humans in manufacturing plants.

Taiwanese multinational electronics company Foxconn Technology is planning to make use of more robots in its manufacturing unit. The measure will be taken to replace human resource at the plants. The atomization and alienation that these factory workers face has allegedly led to a lot of suicides in the past, thus the company has announced this move.

foxconn robots

Foxconn will be shifting from mass production to lean production in the future and will trim manufacturing on an order–on-order basis by improving its production lines.

Foxconn is known for being one of the major suppliers of Apple Inc and is building a research and manufacturing hub in Guiyang which is the provincial capital of Guizhou.

The chairman of the company Terry Gou said that the plants in the new industrial park have been designed with high ceilings to leave enough rooms for the operation of robots.

The new industrial park is expected to generate a revenue of 50 billion Yuan in 2018. The chairman added that the products from the park will be mainly sold to the mainland market. Gou added that the Guiyang park will focus on energy saving and environmental protection.

The company will also be able to use abundant local water resources for cooling technology which automates humidity controls. The plants will also use automated process of planting mobile phones which is more environmentally safe than the traditional ray guns.

Photo Credits: CDN


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