Germany crushes Argentina at FIFA 2014.

History was created at Estadio Maracana in Rio de Janeiro as German Footballer Mario Gotze managed to score the winning goal for his team against Argentina. The German team claimed their thumping victory at the 2014 FIFA World Cup – with a 1-0 score – during the final match on July 13, 2014. With the recent win, Germany has become the first European country to win the World Cup on South American soil.


Argentina’s Lionel Messi looked exhausted and surprised as he emerged as the winner of the player of the tournament. Argentinian coach Alejandro Sabella while talking about his team said that the players were very sad as they had this huge dream of winning the final, but to be perfect they needed to be more efficient.

For the administration beyond the stadium, it seemed like a militarized zone as 25,000 Brazalian police officials were deployed, making it the biggest security arrangement in Brazilian history. The Maracana stadium had the Russian president Vladimir Puttin and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel witnessing the match.

Officials from Rio De Janeiro estimated that at least 70,000 fans from Argentina were in Rio. The roads were closed and the military helicopters were hovering over the stadium. Argentinian supporters were seen dancing across the roads from the lines of military police and sang in cafés as they eagerly watched the match.

Photo Credits: One India


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