India and China indicate border issue resolve “at an early date”.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has invited the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit China in November. The Chinese President has also called for a “negotiation resolution” to the long drawn boundary dispute between India and China “at an early date”. The two leaders held their first meeting as a part of the ongoing BRICS summit being held at Fortaleza in Brazil.

Xi Jingping at BRICS

Modi and Xi met for 80 minutes extending beyond the scheduled 40 minutes, the discussion – which covered a range of issues – between the two was said to be extremely forthright.

Xi added that he was looking forward to his visit to India in September and has welcomed Modi to China in 2014.

Indian officials at Fortaleza told the Press Trust of India that China has extended its invitation to Mr.Modi for the APEC leaders’ meeting scheduled to take place in Beijing this November.

However, official sources were also quoted saying that as the SAARC and the G20 meetings are in the same month, the visit might take place at a later date.

There are possibilities that Modi might visit China in December 2014. Xi in the meeting has called for a negotiated solution to the impending border issues at an early date. Talking about the issue, the Indian PM has said that maintaining peace and tranquility on the border was essential for resolving the issue.

Modi added that there is a need to ensure that border skirmishes to not strain the relationship between India and China. The Indian PM added that India was willing to peacefully settle the boundary issues through existing mechanisms and friendly negotiations.

Photo Credits: Indian Express


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