Philippines’ effort against fighting corruption lauded by World Bank chief. 

World Bank president Jim Yong Kim who was on a two-day visit to Manila, expressed his opinion about Philippines being the next Asian miracle owing to Philippine President Aquino’s fight against corruption. 


Kim on his visit also announced that the World Bank was providing US$119 million for construction of new roads , irrigation systems and bridges to support efforts to promote peace and economic development in the region.

Kim later offered a toast during the lunch session at the Presidential Palace and told President Aquino, “each of those things you’re doing are not only the right thing to do but they’re laying the foundations for your economic growth in the future”. The WB president added that they are absolutely certain that the impact of Aquino’s administration will be felt beyond the six years of his governance.

Kim also said that Aquino must take the credit for having turned Philippines around. The WB president also praised Aquino’s antigraft campaign which has seen the president’s predecessor and three sitting senators charged with corruption, and has led to the impeachment of a Chief Justice. Kim also said that tacking corruption is among the most important world agendas and Aquino’s government is doing better than any other government in the world.

Photo Credits: Zimbio


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