BMW follows the recall debacle, calls back for 1.6 million vehicles.

Luxury auto giant BMW has announced a recall of 1.6 million cars globally citing a defect in the front passenger air-bag. This defect has also caused other manufacturers like Honda and Toyota to repair millions of vehicles. The recall has affected the BMW 3 series vehicles which have been manufactured between May 1999 to August 2006.


The vehicles will be recalled to fix the bag inflation device. The recent recall is in addition to the 240,000 cars – manufactured between 2001 and 2003 – that were recalled for a defect back in 2013. The autos which are already brought under that program do not need any repairs.

The fault was noticed in the inflaters which were manufactured by the Japanese supplier Takata Corp and prompted recalls at Toyota, Nissan and Honda. The Munich-based company said that so far it is not aware of any accidents related to the airbag defect. The repair process will take about an hour.

The auto industry is currently reeling under a major recall crises, Last month companies like Ford and Honda announced major recall, American multi-national General Motors accounts for about two-thirds of that total. The company is currently under scrutiny for its decision to recall 29 million vehicles citing a defect in the ignition switch.

Photo Credits: cbsla