China McDonalds and KFC ban meat supply from Shanghai Husi Food Co.

The Chinese branches of McDonalds and KFC have halted meat supply from Shanghai’s – Shanghai Husi Food Co. The fast food chains took the decision to halt the supply after reports about the company selling out of date meat came out in the local media.

Mcdonalds KFC

Authorities in Shanghai have ordered suspension of operations at the Shanghai Husi Food Co. Local media reported that Husi had re-processed the expired meat products.

KFC and McDonalds said that they have stopped using meat from Husi. A statement was posted on the Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration’s website – translated from Mandarin – the statement said that it had decided to investigate claims of the alleged use of the expired raw food material production.

Shanghai Husi Food Co is the Chinese supplier for US based food supplier OSI Group. OSI’s website says that it started supplying high quality products to McDonalds in China in 1992. The unit started to supply YuM China in 2012 and said that two of its suppliers were providing chickens with excessive levels of antibiotics.

When the firm was just recovering from the allegations, fears of outbreak of bird flu in the country dented its sales. Figures from the research firm Euromonitor say that McDonalds and Yum are two of the leading fast food chains in China.

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