China extends its anti-trust probe to Microsoft. 

Chinese authorities have launched an investigation into the US technology giant Microsoft. The State Administration of China for Industry and Commerce said that it is looking into the alleged monopoly actions by the company. The body is responsible for enforcement of business laws.


The announcement came after regulatory officials paid a visit to the company’s local offices. The company has agreed to cooperates with the government. Microsoft, so far, has not been accused of any specific wrong doing. However, any fresh investigations will be a new setback for the software giant in China.

Earlier in 2014, the government had banned the use of Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest operating system, for official use. The visit to the offices of Microsoft has come just days after the anti-trust regulator of China said that Qualcomm, one of the biggest mobile chipmakers, had used monopoly power in setting the licensing fees.

Technology firm Interdigital, which specializes in wireless technology, had also faced a similar investigation. That probe was suspended earlier in 2014 after the company agreed to change its pricing structure. Many industry forums have alleged that China is unfairly using anti-trust probes to protect domestic companies.

Photo Credits: CTV news