In a bid to further its e-commerce wing, introduces new changes that will delight shoppers.

Wal-Mart’s online shopping arm is all set to compete with its market archival The online giant – – is re-building its website to offer shoppers simpler, faster and more personalized experience. The first wave of changes will be introduced in the August 2014 and the others will be slowly rolled out in the next few months. introduces new changes

The changes will be introduced by the tech lab of the retailer which is known as Walmart Labs . The shoppers on the site will be able to have a more personalized experience with the help of the new technology and will be able to infer what the customers might be looking for based on their past shopping activities.

Shoppers will experience different home-pages which are based on factors like location, previous items and local weather. The site will also recommend products to the shoppers on the basis of what they have been shopping on a regular basis. Customers will also have more improved search tools, faster checking out system, which means that instead of having to go through six to seven pages after hitting buy, there will be a one-stop page that will have all the requirements laid out in a compact manner. 

Users will also have a flexible screen which will have different content, images and information. The screen is adjustable to a desktop monitor, a tablet or a smartphone. 

Photo Credits: scv news


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