Hong Kong based millionaire Albert Yeung says that he will sue search engine giant Google over the search results which link him to the criminal gangs. Yeung had first filed the lawsuit against the search engine in August 2012 after which it refused to stop the word ‘triad’ being linked to his name through the ‘auto-complete’ function of the search engine.


Reports say that the name ‘Triad’ is automatically suggested in to the search box of the search engine. When the business tycoon’s name is typed, the names of the Traid gangs 14K and Sun Yee On are also displayed. A local court has been asked by Google to discharge the case in December 2012 saying that it did not have any merit.

The company has also argued that no human output is involved in any of the auto-complete search function that the results did not attribute negative connotations to any individual. Judge Marlene Ng said that there is an arguable case that the search engine is a publisher of words which and is liable for the publication. The judge in the ruling added that the advantages of having an easy access to rich store of information are many but such a benefit comes at a price.

Marlene added that any risk misinformed can spread easily as the users forage on the web.

Photo Credits: Forbesimg


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