Finland based consumer electronics manufacturing company Jolla has expressed interest in hiring employees from Nokia who have been laid off by software giant Microsoft. Microsoft in recent times has acquired Nokia.


Juhani Lassila the head of communications in Jolla in an email query in this regard said that majority of their employees have a Nokia background and that they are always interested in having new talent. The software giant in July 2014 announced that it was cutting down 18,000 of its workforce over a period of 2015.

This will result in the biggest job cut in the history of Microsoft which has about 12,500 employees of Nokia devices and services. Microsoft had acquired 7.2 billion in April 2014. Even in India some of the employees of Nokia devices , now Microsoft Group will lose their jobs due to the recent announcement. Jolla is a company that manufactures mobile handsets and is formed by a team of ex employees of Nokia who were working on the new mobile platform ‘Meego’ which was dumped by the company in 2011.

Nokia was then under the leadership of the then CEO Stephen Elop. Elop later joined Microsoft and decided to go ahead with the Windows Platform and launched the Lumia series smartphones.

Photo Credits: Wantchinatimes


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