With a read speed of 95 MB/s and 4k support, Sony launches high-speed UZ series SD cards in India.

Sony India launched high-speed UZ series SD cards in India on Tuesday, August 19, 2014. The Ultra High Speed (UHS) SD cards will be of great use to photographers and videographers and will be available in 32GB (SDHC) and 64GB (SDXC). The 32GB card will cost Rs. 5,339 while the 64GB one will cost Rs. 9,942 and the company has announced that both cards will be available across all Sony Center outlets and in major electronic stores in India.

Sony high speed SD cards


  1. The UHS SD cards that come with 4k support are accompanied by data transfer speeds of 95 MB/s (read) and 90 MB/s (write).
  2. It also has a UHS Speed Class 3 rating which will affect the quality of data stored and boost transfer speeds.
  3. The cards are compatible with smartphones and cameras.
  4. These cards will include Sony’s File Rescue Software which will help users recover data that was accidentally deleted.
  5. Sony claims that the cards are shock-proof, resilient to extreme temperature and are ‘remarkably durable’.

Sony has had tough competition from SanDisk which has been a worldwide market leader in SD cards for a long time. However, in India, a lot of local companies have eaten into the market share of the bigger companies.

Sony is a Japanese multinational conglomerate with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The company focusses mainly on electronics, games, entertainment and financial services.

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