In a bid to ban Oktoberfest in Malaysia, MP calls it “anti-islamic”.

In what can be called a clash of the conservative vs modern, a few Islamic groups in Malaysia are attempting to ban the Oktoberfest celebrations that have been taking place in the country.

According to the Daily Express newspaper in Malaysia, the reasons being sited for the ban is that the festivity is against Islamic sentiments as it  “affects the sensitivities of Muslims in Malaysia.”


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MP Nasrudin Hassan of the Pan-Islamic Party is at the helm of this ban plea and is currently pursuing federal and state governments to put a stop to the annual beer festival which is an authentic German tradition. 

In a public statement MP Hassan made, he said that he is not denying the rights of non-Muslims in Malaysia to consume alcohol, but added that “it should be done privately”. 

The parliamentarian has even gone to the extent of calling the Oktoberfest tradition a form of “mass-promoted adultery” via a Facebook post.

By the very virtue of Malaysia being an Islamic country, there have always been minor tensions surrounding issues like alcohol consumption, however, what seems to be adding to the furore is a poster for Carlsberg’s Malaysia festival which has a waitress – dressed in what is considered a revealing Bavaria costume by conservative standards  – holding steins of beer in her hand. 

Taking the problem further, several such other publicity stunts had Malaysian women dressed in mini skirts rallying around to promote the Oktoberfest. 

Malaysia call for Oktoberfest ban

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Several other prominent officials in Malaysia have termed the festival “unconstitutional” and supported the ban.


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