Teaming up together, Airtel-Samsung bring to India its first Integrated Digital TV.

Cellular network provider Airtel has teamed up with South Korean technology giant Samsung to bring to India its first Integrated Digital TV. The technology is a tweaked version of Samsung’s SmartDirect TV and will have an Airtel Direct-To-Home (DTH) card in it, which will eliminate the need for a set top box. The range will start at Rs. 44,900.

Airtel-Samsung TV

Replacing the set top box will be an Airtel card that will be present within the iDTV. Since there will be no set top box, a lot of unnecessary wires will be removed and the whole setup will look much neater. A lot of times, users face issues when the set top box does not connect to the TV properly or a loose signal. This problem will also be fixed by the Smart Card.

The CEO of Bharti Airtel, Shashi Arora said, “We at Airtel digital TV are always looking for new ways to deliver an experience for our customers that is truly innovative and world class. In line with this commitment, we are today excited to announce our collaboration with Samsung to launch the Integrated Digital TV and introduce the Indian market to its next phase of TV viewing experience.”

When a set top box is installed, there is always an issue of two remotes – TV and STB. With this, the need for a second remote is done away with and users are left with just one remote control to navigate through television channels.

As a limited period offer, Airtel has announced that users who buy the TV will receive 4 months of free Airtel digital TV subscription.

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