An Indian startup to sell a portable washing machine for Rs. 1500.

Gone are the days when washing machines were only a luxury that could be afforded by the rich. A Mumbai-based startup is here to challenge that notion. It is developing a portable washing machine called ‘Venus’, that does the job of a washing machine for a very low price. The initial price estimate is about Rs. 1500 ($25), but the company behind the idea is hoping to reduce the price depending on the pledges they receive on crowd-funding website Indiegogo.

venus portable washing machine

The project came to light after it was put up on the crowd funding website asking for $50,000 by December 12, 2014. Unlike most projects that require a lot of research and development, the company has already done all their homework and has a working prototype. All it needs is funding to send the prototype into mass production.

While the machine may not be able to give all the kind of service expected from a regular washing machine, it might serve the purpose for people who can’t afford the expensive ones. In India, a lot of families have to wash clothes with their bare hands. The hand blender-like portable washing machine can be attached to any bucket. All one needs after that is water, dirty clothes and a power source.

‘Venus’ can wash up to 2.5 kg clothes in one wash cycle of 5 minutes.

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