Doctors returning from Ebola-affected West Africa will now be put in quarantine in China.

The Republic of China has announced that it will quarantine medical personnel who have been working with Ebola patients in West Africa for a period of 21 days post their return, on November 3, 2014. Aside from facing a slew of tests, returning doctors will be quarantined and supervised by local community service centers.

China to quarantine doctors from West Africa_Ebola

At present it is still unclear whether the physicians will be serving quarantine in their homes or in separate isolation wards. In case of any sign of the disease symptoms, any medical staff will be would be immediately sent to a designated hospital.

China has sent 30 medical workers to Ebola-afflicted regions in Africa and will be sending hundreds more in the week to come. The country has also assisted in countering the outbreak by dispatching an elite People’s Liberation Army unit to construct a 100-bed treatment centre in Liberia.

The US had recently imposed mandatory quarantine for all health workers and troops that are at work in West Africa, while Australia recently cordoned off their borders from people traveling from the three worst-hit African countries.

More than 4,500 people have fallen to the disease in the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Although the World Health Organization has recorded over 13,000 cases, it believes that the actual incidence of infections and deaths could be greater.

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