Samsung electronics invests in virtual reality games

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics bifurcates focus on virtual reality games.

Samsung Electronics, in order to boost its virtual reality (VR) business, is investing in VR game developers. The firm is currently preparing the market for its Gear VR headset, which will be released in the first half of December 2014.

Samsung electronics invests in virtual reality games

Through these investments, the company will be able to financially support game developers, as well as encourage them to churn out more innovative game ideas and content. Since Samsung cannot depend on its slow-moving smartphone business at present, the company is gearing up for the VR market, as there are three Korean players already in the market that are launching games in the segment.

The firm had partnered with Facebook’s Oculus to build the Gear VR headset, which is a 3D device compatible with Samsung Note 4. It has been reported that Oculus has allied with Korean game content providers, which will be beneficial for the partnership.

Samsung may also be looking overseas for partnerships with VR game companies for virtual hardware. Currently, there are many companies developing 3D games for the headset by 2015. It has been estimated that Gear VR device could make way for a $7 billion market in the next four years.

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