Defending champion Magnus Carlsen defeats Vishwanathan Anand in the World Chess Championship.

Sunday, November 8, 2014, was a good day for defending champion Magnus Carlsen as he defeated 5-time world champion Vishwanathan Anand in the second game of the World Chess Championship that is being held in Sochi, Russia. The defeat came as a shock to the 44-year-old Indian, who is known for his great defensive moves.

Magnus Carlsen defeats Vishwanathan Anand

However, on Sunday, Vishwanathan was left struggling by Carlsen’s attacking moves, which proved to be too much to handle for him. Anand started the game with on the black side of the Ruy Lopez. It took Carlsen 34 moves to finish a thrilling match, where he had the upper hand through most of the match.

The first game saw the two champions battle it out, but after 48 moves, the two drew the match and split a point. Several fans of Anand watched their favorite player battle it out against a strong opponent. With this win, Carlsen now leads the 12 match series with 1.5-.5 points.

After a draw in the first match, Anand had said that he was slightly relieved with the result as he had a wobbly start and then made up for the bad moves. Magnus Carlsen is a 23-year-old Chess Grandmaster from Norway.

He shot to fame after his brilliant performance in 2004 in the Corus chess tournament, where he defeated all his opponents and won the title of Chess Grandmaster.

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