Facebook considers Thailand to be one of its most crucial markets worldwide.

Facebook has revealed its focus on Thailand as a big business opportunity, as it is one of the largest consumer markets in the world. At the Marketing Day forum held in the country by the Marketing Association of Thailand on November 12, 2014, the company’s global business manager, Pavan Varma, stated that Asia is the largest and the fastest growing region in the world.

Facebook focus on thailand

The most followed and used social network gets about 1.35 billion global active users every month, with 1.12 billion of them accessing it on mobile. On a daily basis, there are 864 million users active on Facebook.

Breaking down consumers in terms of regions, Asia takes the biggest piece of the pie with 426 million users, while 206 million are based in the US and Canada, 296 million in Europe and 423 million in the rest of the world. Thailand alone has 27 million active monthly users, of whom 70 per cent return daily.

The reason why Thailand is a major focus for Facebook is that there has been a tremendous shift in trends because of mobile use. The country has 19 million of its people using the social network monthly via their mobile devices.

The firm’s focus is to complement changing trends, while also ensuring that the marketing campaigns created by them reach the right people over the right devices, across demographics.

Photo Credits: ibtimes.com


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