Apple and UnionPay China

Apple has added UnionPay as a payment option for App Store in China.

Apple announced that it has added UnionPay as a payment option for App Store customers in China on November 18, 2014. China UnionPay is known to be the most popular payment card in the country that will ensure and encourage a simpler and more convenient purchase practice. As per the company, customers will be able to easily link their Apple ID with a UnionPay debit or credit card for one-tap purchases.

Apple and UnionPay China

Till now, Chinese consumers have been going through a complicated process just to make purchase through the App Store, by setting up a pre-paid account, followed by selecting a bank, providing an online banking password, and then depositing at least $8.

Since China is Apple’s second biggest market for App Store sales, adding the new payment method will drastically speed up the process as well as resolve compliance issues, having a direct impact on sales.

China UnionPay is a bankcard network, which operates the country’s national inter-bank clearing and settlement system. It also develops the worldwide UnionPay Card acceptance network, promotes the issuance and usage of the UnionPay Card, as well as other innovative payment solutions. This ensures quality, efficiency and secure payment services to cardholders.

The network has a reach in all cities and rural areas in China, with its cards being accepted in over 140 countries.

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