Singapore LTA new Taxi app

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority to launch a new crowdsourcing taxi app.

The Land Transport Authority of Singapore has launched a new crowd-sourcing mobile taxi app, known as Taxi-Taxi@SG, which will show the availability and location of taxis across the island, on Nov 24, 2014. The app, to be available mid-December 2014 onwards, can also recommend better match of taxis for commuters.

Singapore LTA new Taxi app

App users can locate taxis in the vicinity through an integrated platform map, and broadcast their positions for taxi drivers to find their exact locations. Similarly, taxi drivers can utilize the app to save time usually spent cruising roads for potential customers.

Although the LTA has an existing app, My.Transport.SG, it plans to upgrade the taxi app with a new journey planner that can help commuters map out the shortest and most convenient routes to their destinations on all public transport.

The planner also includes a personalized alarm function, which intimates commuters about the number of bus stops before their destination, and alerts them as they approach the stop as part of real-time updates.

The LTA is also working on improving the estimated time of arrival for buses in MyTransport.SG app and providing consumers with more accurate bus journey information. The new features will be included from March 2015, which will also track bus second-by-second location and updates commuters by the minute. Those using buses will also be able to gauge whether there is room to sit or stand in the selected bus.

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