Honda bows down to legal pressure, decides upon taking the Takata air bag recall nationwide.

Automaker Honda Motor Co. announced on Wednesday, December 4, 2014 that it has decided to agree with the U.S. government’s request concerning the expansion of Takata’s faulty air bags. Honda has decided to take the recall nationwide owing to mounting pressure from several governmental agencies.

Honda takata recall

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Japan’s Takata corp has faced great ire from automakers across the world after it supplied faulty driver-side airbags, which could potentially be life threatening. The air bags can explode with too much pressure upon a mild collision and shoot metal shrapnel at the drivers as well as passengers. 

Despite a demand by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and a congressional hearing, Takata has refused to expand its recall nationwide, creating increasing annoyance amongst automakers and law-making agencies. 

According to reports, at least 4 people have been killed (Hondas) and about 30 have been injured in the U.S, the mishaps have been concentrated in high humidity areas such as Florida and Hawaii. 

The automobile world has been dogged by the recall fiasco since the past 4-5 months, several major trustworthy automakers’ reputation has been tarnished by expanding recalls. Recalls not only put a question mark on previously excepted safety standards, but also jolt the consumer market’s stability.


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