Taking Panda diplomacy forward, Israel’s Haifa city zoo will be a new home to two Chinese-born Pandas.

Panda diplomacy is a real thing! Israel’s northern city of Haifa will soon be home to two Pandas from China, reports Israel’s Hayom website. The city officials inked an official agreement with China’s Chengdu city, which is a breeding ground for Pandas in the country, the city has an official Panda breeding center. 

china japan panda diplomacy

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China loaning out Pandas to other countries is not a new phenomenon, this practice has been continued from time in memorial, it is majorly conducted to further strengthen diplomatic ties and moreover, facilitate goodwill.

Haifa city’s Mayor made a potent statement in relation to Panda diplomacy and said,”It is black, white, Asian and still beloved and adored by the entire world.” 

However, there are several other steps and procedures that will precede the final exchange of Pandas. The Haifa city zoo will have to adhere to all the specifications laid down by Chinese zoo officials; the conditions need to be conducive to the Pandas’ survival.

A team of  Israeli zoo officials will be sent to China for a learning and observational trip, wherein they will gain knowledge about how Pandas are meant to be taken care of. However, these Pandas are not permanent gifts to any country, they are usually given on loan for a period of ten years and incase of any cubs being born abroad, the Pandas are called back early.