After the hype surrounding this Chinese manufacturer’s budget handsets, Delhi High Court says Xiaomi banned from selling phones in India. Chinese budget handset maker Xiaomi Technology Co Ltd. has been reportedly ordered to temporarily stop selling its devices in the Indian market. Ericsson has claimed that the company has violated about eight patents related to 3G and other telecommunications technologies.

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Xiaomi has been selling its handsets through the Indian online shopping site Flipkart. The Indian retailer has been prohibited from selling the Chinese company’s handsets till February 5, 2015 when Delhi High court will hear Ericsson’s complaint. Reports say that the company has sold more than 800,000 smartphones till date including the much hyped MI3 and the low cost Red Mi1S in India.

Xiaomi started selling its smarphones  in India in July 2014. Xiaomi and Flipkart have been ordered to produce details of the devices that they have sold so far in the Asian country which are compliant with EDGE, 3G and AMR technologies. Ericsson said that it is taking legal action against Xiaomi India over licensing fees.

Xiaomi India’s chief allegedly said that it is yet to receive an official notice from the court and that it will make attempts to solve the issue amicably with Ericsson. Manu Jain from Xiaomi said that their legal team is analyzing the situation based on the information.

Meanwhile, online shopping site Flipkart said that it would cooperate  with the authorities.

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