A new window pane has been discovered by the scientists of the Nanyang Technological University on December 16, 2014. The new glass can brighten and darken on its own  and does not need any external power source.

self tinting windows

The self tinting glass depends on oxygen to begin the chemical process and darkens the window. The glass has been built with liquid electrolyte which is placed between two glass panels. One of the glass panel is coated with a blue pigment and the other  has a strip of aluminium foil.

They are also connected to the electrical cables  and allows the window to be clear  when it is turned on. It turns blue when it is switched off. The window also has the ability to adjust the amount of sunlight which enters  the building in the day time  and can also help to save cooling and lighting costs.

At present the market has windows which either already permanently tinted or  need an external power source to change the light transmission. Now the research team is trying to add more features to the window design  by adding sensors. The team of researchers are also planning to join hands with some of the industry manufacturers so that the technology can be commercialised.

Photo Credits: absolutewindowtintingsolutions