Some good news for Japanese train travellers – Yahoo launches new Real Time Search app. Internet giant Yahoo has introduced a new application Yahoo! Real Time Search in Tokyo which will help commuters receive up-to-date information on any delays in train timings. Trains in Japan are known for their punctuality and perfect timings and this app will serve to keep everyone in the loop of any changes to the usual train timings in the Asian nation.

train delays app

But there are times when the trains get delayed due to various reasons and such a condition are likely to cause issues for commuters who depend on these trains to reach various places on time. The new application is unique as it picks up live Tweets from the social networking site Twitter and gives information about the delays  or suspended services.

The Tweets here are real time due to which commuters can get the the information even before official announcements.  The operations of the new application are operated through Yahoo! Norikae Annai which is an application for free trip-planning. This app helps to release the official announcements  and also assures users that the information is reliable.

The app has another feature with the help of which the user can register up to 5 different train routes  which are frequently used and can choose to have information in case of any delays in these lines. The app also allows the thoughts of the users, how they are feeling about the delay.



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