Online microblogging site Twitter has introduced a new feature for the users known as ‘While you were away’ on January 2, 2015. Twitter had announced the new feature back in November 2014.

Twitter while u were away

The new feature on the microblogging site will allow the users to keep a watch on the important topics and news on their feed when they log in to the application next time. With the introduction of the new feature the social network will take the best Tweets from the network of the user and put them on the top of the feed and this will be visible when the app is opened next time.

However, Twitter has not revealed how it is going to determine the important Tweets. For now the feature is not available for all the Twitter users, as the feature is being gradually launched. But a search has shown that the number of users talking about the new feature has increased in recent times and has indicated its gradual rollout. The new feature is similar to the Top Stories feature on the social networking giant Facebook, where it displays the most important posts in the news feed.

Twitter is struggling to survive in the social networking field and recently fell behind the photo-sharing app Instagram in terms of user base. For now Twitter has a user base of 284 million users and aims to have a user base of more than a billion.


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