Mandatory briefings of the pilots from the flight operation officers has been made as mandatory by Indonesia on January 5, 2015. The recent measure has been taken so as to ensure safety and avoid any potential accidents.

pilot briefing

The measure has also been announced after the fatal accident of the AirAsia flight QZ8501 flying from Indonesian city Surabaya to Singapore went missing from the radars on December 28, 2014 just 42 minutes after take off. The flight was carrying 162 people. Djoko Murjatmodjo the acting director general of transportation in Indonesia said, “The transport minister has authorised the policy and it is now mandatory for pilots in any airline to do so”.

Ignasius Jonan, the transport minister while talking about his opinion on the measure that such meetings will help the pilots to be aware of what could be done in case of such emergencies. The minister added that the policy is good for international as well as domestic flights across the country.

Ruth Hanna, the aviation expert and former investigator at the National Transportation Safety Committee said that the briefing takes just 20 minutes and that the FOOs will be provided with all the essential documents including the weather report for their study.

Photo Credits: runwaygirlnetwork


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