Fast food giant KFC has stopped selling fries in the outlets in Japan. KFC has stopped selling fries due to the industrial disputes over the potato experts from the US.


The fast food giant has become the latest victim of shortage of fries which has already hit other fast food giants including McDonalds Japan. McDonalds had to ration its servings to its customers. KFC released a statement which said, “Due to the prolonged dockworkers’ disputes on the United States West Coast, it has become difficult to secure stable supplies of potatoes”.

The statement added that the company will halt the sales of the potatoes until a stable supply is available. The shortage at KFC appeared after McDonalds in Japan in December 2014 said that it had to airlift about 1,000 tonnes of potatoes and also put in place the emergency shipment through a different sea route. The potato supply through the airlift had eased the shortage but had limited the customers to a small serving of fries.

Later even the Gusto restaurant chain said that it faced a shortage of fries and that it was planning to airlift 200 tonnes french fries so as to avoid shortage. Reports say that the dockworkers in the US are on a go-slow and are not providing full crew for several months in terms of bargaining issues of labour negotiations.

Photo Credits: cloudfront


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