Almost a year has been passed after the Malaysian Airline Flight went missing on March 8, 2014. The Malaysian government has now officially declared that the disappearance of the Malaysian flight MH 370 was an accident and that it is presumed that there are no survivors. The declaration was made on January 29, 2015 which will allow the compensation payments to the families of the victims.

malaysian flight

So far no trace or clues have been found since the flight disappeared on March 8, 2015. However officials have assured that the recovery operation is on and the 239 people on board are presumed to be no more. The flight is still not found despite an international search in the southern Indian Ocean.

Officials of the Malaysian airlines said that recovery of the missing aircraft will still remain a priority and added that they have got a very credible lead in the case. Director General Azharruddin Abdul Rehman from the department of Civil Aviation said that it was, “with the heaviest heart and deepest sorrow that we officially declare Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 an accident.”

After the announcement on January 29, 2015, the China’s foreign Ministry has called for a compensation for the families of the victims. Majority of the passengers on the flight were Chinese.

Photo Credits: subseaworldnews


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