Relatives of the missing Chinese passengers of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 demanded to withdraw their statement that the passengers of the missing flight are dead. The relatives were seen protesting in front of the airline office on February 12, 2015.

China Malaysia Plane   XAW108

An official statement was released by the government of Malaysia in January 2015 and said that the Malaysian airline flight accident has killed all the passengers and crew on-board. The announcement was made by the government so as to ease the way for compensation claims. On the other hand the announcement created an outrage among the relatives of the missing passengers who have rejected the offers of compensation.

The protesters were seen wearing red t-shirt with the words “Pray for MH370” and were seen holding placards which read, “Who can tell us what happened”, “Come back MH370” and “Today it is us, Tomorrow it could be you.” The protesters also demanded that they want to meet Ahmad Juahhari Yahya the CEO of Malaysia Airlines.

Officials of the Malaysian airlines transferred the protesters to the Subang Airport but it is still not clear if the protesters met any airline officials. More relatives of the unfortunate Malaysian Airline accident are expected to arrive in Malaysia for the Lunar New Year Celebrations.


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