US based tech giant Apple is yet to released its Apple Watch. The iPhone manufacturer already working on one of its most ambitious project for an electric car. Reports say that about hundreds of employees from Apple are already working on a design for an electric car.

Apple electric car

The project has been code named as ‘Titan’ but the company has declined to comment over the ongoing project. Sources, familiar with the project, on the condition of anonymity revealed that the company aims to revolutionise the electric car market and want to create a landmark the same way the iPhone took over the smartphone market.

Apple executives have flown to Austria to meet some of the representatives from the car manufacturers Magna Steyr. The number of team members involved in the project has shown that it is a serious proposition. Apple in 2014 had hired Marc Newson, Industrial designer who built the car for Ford in 1999. The car project by Apple is expected to be called as the iCar and was reportedly signed by one of the executives from the Apple by almost a year.

Tim Cook has assigned Steve Zadesky, as the vice president of the product design to lead the group. Zadesky has been given permission to make a team of 1000 people to work on the car design and has been permitted to pick up employees from different parts of the company.

Photo Credits: tmgrup


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