Japan based electric car manufacturer Nissan has said that the country now has more electric vehicle charging points than gas stations. The auto giant said that there are 40,000 charging points including people in private homes across the nation compared with 34,000 petrol stations.

vehicle charging points

With the latest news, it can be said that successful efforts have been made to increase the green-vehicle infrastructure in Japan. With this Japan has also become the leader in the sector but remains tiny globally. Nissan is now coping with the increasing demands of electric vehicles. On the other hand rival Toyota said that it has received several orders for its first hydrogen fuel cell car the Mirai sedan.

It is said that cars with the hydrogen fuel cell technology are considered as the Holy Grail of green cars. The combination emits just water from its exhaust and does not cause any harm to the environment.

The development of the green car sector and lack of refueling stations has been hampered due to limited driving range and lack of refueling. Environmentalists have opined that developing such a technology can help to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions, which can slowly result in global warming.

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