Indian medical authorities are facing a huge challenge over the deadly swine flu epidemic which has so far killed 700 people since mid-December, 2014. Figures have shown that the number of cases has doubled since last week to more than 11,000.

swine flu

Even the government has been alleged that it has failed to distribute medicines, however the officials have claimed that the situation is under control. The outbreak in 2015 has proved to be the deadliest in India since 2010. The virus first appeared in Mexico in 2009 and since then it started to spread across the country. Meanwhile the health ministry has claimed that there are enough medicines to treat the patients.

The northern state of Rajasthan has been affected the most. TV and radio campaigns have been launched by the health officials to make people aware of the precautions to be taken so they can avoid being caught by the virus. JP Nanda, the health minister rubbished the rumours that there was a shortage of drugs.

Nanda said, “If any medicine store refuses to give medicines after showing a medical prescription, it should be reported to the authorities and action will be taken”. The health minister added that the government is monitoring the situation closely and that people do not need to panic over the situation.

Photo Credits: ihcpvt


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