After the dreadful attack on the Pakistan School in Peshawar, the Pakistani Military has arrested a man who is suspected of taking part in the attack in December 2014. The army has claimed that the man arrested has been identified as Taj Mohammed and was involved in the Taliban assault.

Pakistani teachers attend gun training session

The Pakistani Military is still searching for the militants who are linked to the attack. The school attack by Taliban militants killed 150 people including 133 children. The gunmen who stormed in to the school are believed to be dead. The suspect was held from a camp for internally displaced people from the Pawaka area of Peshawar.

Authorities from Pakistan have claimed that there were 27 militants involved in the attack. Nine of them were killed and others linked to the attack have been captured. After the incident security in the area has been increased and the teachers are now allowed to carry guns.

The attack on December 16, 2014 took place after the militants cut through a wire fence at Peshawar’s army school in an auditorium where the children were taking a lesson on first aid. The gunmen were wearing bomb vests and went from room to room shooting students and teachers. The attack lasted for eight hours.

Photo Credits: The conversation


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