Japan based auto manufacturer, Toyota unveiled its assembly line which will manufacture the first mass fuel-cell car on February 24, 2015. The assembly line was unveiled by the Toyota President Akio Toyoda. The auto manufacturer is planning to produce 700 units of four door Mirai sedan powered by hydrogen. The vehicle will not emit anything but water vapour from its tailpipe.

fuel cell plant

The units will be produced by the end of December 2015. The company is planning to increase the production of the car to 2,000 units in 2016 and 3,000 units in 2017. The name of the car ‘Mirai’ means ‘future in Japanese. The vehicle is manufactured at the Motomachi plant in Aichi central Japan and can travel about 650 kilometers without having the need to be refuelled.

The tank can be filled within a few minutes similar to the gasoline engine vehicles. Toyoda, while talking to the reporters said, “We are thrilled to think that before everyone else, we are taking a historic step toward the establishment of a hydrogen society in Japan”.

The fuel cell technology is considered as a revolution in the vehicle industry as it is green and does not cause any pollution except water vapour. The fuel is produced with the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen.

Photo Credits: aolcdn


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