Japanese car maker Mazda Motor Corp says that it will sell only diesel powered cars during the domestic launch of its key model for 2015. The company took the decision as it is confident of handling the country’s hybrid petrol electric drivers.

mazda CX 3

The diesel bet was placed by the chief Executive of Mazda, Masamichi Kogai as he unveiled its compact sports utility vehicle CX 3. Kogai said, “In Japan, more and more people are choosing to drive diesels”. The CEO also said that the greater power by the diesel engines are a selling point for the bigger cars which includes the compact SUVs.

With the launch of the new compact SUV, Mazda has high hopes for its growth in the global auto market. The CEO also pointed out that the compact SUV segment is expected to double in size by 2020. Mazda faces competition with Nissan Motor’s Juke and Hyundai Motor Co’s ix 35. The company has largely promoted diesel engines in Japan which is its second biggest market after the US.

Diesel vehicles have suffered an image loss in Japan after it was called as a health hazard by a former Tokyo governor. On the other hand Mazda is known for having advanced technology that helps to cut emissions and sound.

Photo Credits: mazda


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