Indian commercial broadcasting TV network NDTV has stopped programming, to protest the ban of the BBC documentary ‘India’s Daughter’. The network programmed a slate during the hour long slot when it was supposed to be aired.

The documentary had an interview with one of the men who was convicted of the Delhi bus rape and was supposed to be broadcast on March 8, 2015. But the Indian authorities did not allow the broadcast saying it contained ‘objectionable content’.

Many of the Twitter users appreciated the protest and one of them commented, “Kudos @ndtv for the #IndiasDaughter protest. A surprisingly mature decision in a mediascape that seems to deteriorate by by the day.” The movie in question was directed by Leslee Udwin and condemned the claims by the authorities who said that it contained objectionable content and had offensive remarks towards women. Udwin also denied allegations that she broke a contract with the prison by airing the interview of the rapist Mukesh Singh.

Danny Cohen the director of TV of BBC supported NDTV’s decision to show the documentary in the UK. A 23 year old physiotherapy intern was beaten and gang raped on December 16, 2012 in South Delhi in a private bus in which she was travelling with a male partner. The woman was taken to Singapore for treatment but passed away 13 days after the assault.

Photo Credits: sikhsiyasat


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