Low cost tablet maker Datawind launched the most affordable smartphone at Rs. 1999 for the Indian market. The Aakash maker joined hands with Reliance Communications and together have launched the new PocketSurfer smartphones which will also have free unlimited internet browsing for a year on Reliance.

The consumers now will be able to access the digital network at an affordable cost. The new device from Datawind and Reliance Communications known as the Pocket Surfer 2G4 has a 3.5 inch screen with Dual SIM and EDGE network. The PocketSurfer 3G4 has a four inch screen with Dual SIM and dual Camera with 3G network capability.

Suneet Singh Tuli the president and CEO of Datawind said that they have emphasised on the power of the internet. Tuli said, “Internet pervades our lives. From education to businesses, internet is everywhere. Today, no business model can effectively run without its online presence”. The CEO added that the ultra low cost phones will help to digitalise the country and make technology available to every common man.

Datawind’s products will be made available through the TV channel Naaptol TV and on print and online shopping platforms. The devices will hit the shelves on March 24, 2015 and will be available at Spice Hotspot Retail, Sangeetha Mobiles and other retail partners.
Photo Credits: intoday


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