It has been four since since the March 11, 2011 tsunami tragedy that struck the northeastern coast. The country authorities are now looking out for ways to take precautions for such disasters in future by creating nearly 400 kilometer chain of cement seawalls at certain places nearly five stories high.

But the project with an estimation of 820 billion yen have a few opponents who argue that the massive concrete walls will damage the marine life and scenery and would hinder fisheries and would not help to protect the residents who are supposed to relocate to a higher ground. However there are certain people who have supported the project and said that it is a necessary evil.

Kazutoshi Musahi a resident of the northern fishing port of Osabe said that that 12.5 meter high concrete barrier will block his view of the sea. The 46 year old resident said, “The reality is that it looks like the wall of a jail.” On the other hand the Liberal Democratic Party are considering the project as its backers in big business and construction. The local officials might go a long way with such plans.

The absence of the walls can prove to be a risk for the coastlines which are vulnerable to tsunamis and other natural disasters.

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