Telecom regulatory of India TRAI has announced that it is preparing to regulate the framework of the popular IM apps WhatsApp and Skype in the country. The applications which might come under the frame include Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and more.

Reports say that TRAI has already released a paper on a regulatory framework for the OTT (over the top) services. But the final decision is yet to be taken and it is expected to take another few months. So for now WhatsApp, Viber and such companies can breathe easy for now.

The TRAI refused to regulate the OTT Services in August 2014. It was then also noted that no consultation process will be started on the subject. But now the scenario has changed and no particular reason is being described as for why the telecom regulatory is looking forward to take such an action.

It has been claimed that the VoIP services and IMs have been taking away the revenue as the traditional communication like text messages and calling are slowly disappearing. The OTT services depends on data networks which in return can improve internet sales from the network providers. A few months back Airtel decided that it would take the matter in its own hands and would launch special deals to access OTT services.

Photo Credits: firstpost


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