ID checks of the Narita International Airport have been abolished for the passengers at the airport in Chiba Prefecture on March 30, 2015. The airport opened in 1978 and since then the cars and buses were being stopped to show ID like passports even if they were not departing on flights.

Even the drivers had to come out of the cars and were asked to open the trunk of the cars. Even the ID checks at the railway ticket gates have been dissolved. The checks were put in place due to the violent protests against the airport by the farmers and radical groups who opposed the government. Officials have determined that security efforts at the airport would have to be a maximum priority. This has to be done so as to ensure safe and smooth operations.

But at the same time all the visitors will have to be subjected to long lines and thorough baggage checks with large number of security personnel at every stage of entering and exiting the terminals. Airport officials said that new high tech camera based surveillance systems. The government officials said that another reason the government decided the impose the change as it might impose serious problems during the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

A record number of foreign tourists are expected to be in attendance.

Photo Credits: onemileatatime


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