Software giant Microsoft unveiled its low-cost version of the Surface Tablet computer. The screen size of the tablet has been reduced and the price begins from $499. The new low-cost Surface 3 will cost less than $799 and will have a less powerful processor.

The features of the device include 10.8 inches screen making it smaller than the earlier 12 inch screen versions of surface. The introduction of the new tablet has given Microsoft an opportunity to compete with the existing iPad Air device from Apple. The head of Surface division at Microsoft Panos Panay said, “Surface 3 brings what customers love about Surface Pro 3 to more people, delivering the premium design and productivity of Surface in a more affordable device”.

The good news is that the new device from Microsoft will have a feature that is absent in its predecessors. The device can be connected to the wireless carriers with a high speed connection. Microsoft has claimed that the new Surface device has the ability to replace a laptop.

The Surface 3 is the thinnest and the lightest device from the Surface line up. Other features of the device includes multi-touch, pen controlled screen, rear and front facing cameras and battery life of up to 10 hours. Experts have appreciated the tablet’s speed and the good usage of Windows 8.1.

Photo Credits: digitalrivercontent


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