Japan based auto giant Nissan aims to launch the self driving cars on Japan’s roads by 2016. The company says that the driverless cars will be able to effortlessly navigate in the busy urban environment on their own by 2020.

Chief executive, Carlos Ghosn said that legal and technological challenges will remain but the direction of travel was plain. Ghosn at the New York International Auto Show said, “There will be a Nissan product in Japan, which will carry autonomous drive”. Reports say that a five year tie up has been made with NASA and the initial roll out will be done in December 2015.

It has been planned that in 2018, the models will be able to avoid hazards and change lanes and by 2020 the vehicles will be able to autonomously glide through the crowded city roads. The official explained that this is going to happen step by step as they need to make sure that the regulators in different countries feel comfortable.

Nissan is the second biggest automaker in Japan and is looking forward to work with some of the domestic rivals like Toyota and Honda on the technology. On the other hand the Japanese government has set up a panel to look in to the legal issues around the new technology.

Photo Credits: chinaev


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